Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tutorial - Clothespin Art Hangers

Clothespin Art Hangers

My daughter, like many other preschoolers, is a prolific producer of art. The really special pictures get saved digitally, but it's fun to display as much as we can.

This is where Clothespin Art Hangers are really useful. Simple to make, reusable, and, if they're hung low enough on the wall, the kiddo can control what gets hung and when.
Clothespin Art Hangers


  • Wooden Clothespins (Spring clothespins, not old fashioned craft clothespins)
  • Scotch Command Poster Strips - be sure to read the package instructions to make sure that you are selecting something appropriate for your wall.
  • Acrylic craft paint and paintbrushes

Do It!

  1. Paint the clothespins. I like acrylic paint for this. It dries quickly, it sticks to the wood of the clothespins, and it's really versatile. Also, you can paint over the metal of the spring, which gives a nicer look (IMO). Let the pins dry.
  2. (Optional) Cut Command Poster Strips in half lengthwise. This will allow the strips to be hidden behind the clothespin, making for a neater look. You will need 1 full strip for every two clothespins. Note: If you know that you will want to be able to easily remove the clothespins from the wall, or if you know that you'll be hanging something fairly heavy, you will want to use a whole strip for each clothespin. In this case you will want one full strip for each clothespin.
  3. Peel the backing off of the "poster" side of each strip or strip half and apply it firmly to the back of each clothespin, leaving some of the pull tab below the "mouth" of the clothespin. This will let you grab the tab when it's time to remove the clothespin from the wall, while still allowing it to be hidden by any hung picture. Hold the strip to the clothespin for at least the count of 30. 
  4. Decide the placement of the clothespins on the wall, peel the backing off of the "wall" side of the poster strip, and firmly press each clothespin to it's spot on the wall for at least a count of 30. 
  5. Wait for at least an hour before hanging anything on the clothespins.
If you ever want to take the clothespins down, grab the tab of the poster strip sticking out from the bottom of the clothespin with one hand and hold the clothespin with the other. Pull directly downwards slowly yet forcefully. The strip will gradually stretch, releasing the wall as it does.

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